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Bicycle Insurance

1 Year
Policy Duration

Insure your cycle against theft and damage.

What’s covered?

Theft of bicycle is covered unto the cost of bicycle. Including GST


All damage claims will be settled through an authorized dealer on a cashless basis after adjusting for depreciation ( see T&C link).


Accidental damage to cycle is covered unto the cost of the cycle, including GST


You will need to pay a nominal 50 INR for each damage claim processing. No additional payment required for the theft

What’s not covered?


Damage due to normal wear and tear is
not covered.


Theft due to negligence in locking your
cycle not covered. For example, if you
don’t lock your cycle and it gets stolen.


Loss or damage due to reckless conduct
while handling the cycle is not covered.


Damage caused by any process of
cleaning, servicing or repairing is not


Accidents during races and rallies, or
while under the influence of drug and
alcohol, are not covered.

All the insurance claim is handle by third party vendor. To file claim email on

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